The Outgoing Tide

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 19:30 to 21:30
The story of one family’s struggle with Alzheimer’s ­– humorous, poignant, sensitive, and uplifting.
The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham, directed by James Carver, will play at the Nomad Theatre,
7:30 pm September 23, 24, 30, Oct 1, and matinee @ 2:30pm on Sept 25th.

Steve Grad as Gunner Concannon

“Quality of life. Kiss my ass.”
Gunner is in his early 70s but is still a
vibrant-looking guy. Now, after a
lifetime of being in charge of his
trucking company, his family, and
everyone around him, he struggles
with losing control of his future as his
memory leaves him.

Bunk Hess as Jack Concannon

“I’m tired of being the sucker.”
Caught in middle of his parents’
conflict and in conflict with his
own son, Jack tries to maintain
his independence and to connect
with his estranged father.

Abigail Wright as Peg Concannon

“It’s what I do.”
Peg is an energetic, good-looking
housewife who dedicates her life to
taking care of her family and home.
She can hold her own with her
curmudgeonly husband, but the toll
of being his caregiver and worrying
about their futures is wearying.


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