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  • The Gin Game

    The Gin Game ~ Mark Read & Jo Ann Zender

  • Playing

    Sandy Hale and Bob Horan "Playing"

  • Five 5ths of Macbeth

    VIVA Plays Act III in Five 5ths of Macbeth

  • Witches

    "The Witches"

  • Take 6



The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham, directed by James Carver, will play at the Nomad Theatre,

7:30 pm September 23 rd , 24 th , 30 th , Oct 1 st , and 2:30 pm Sept 25 th .


Group discount available.


VIDEO of "DUDE, It's Boulder": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeqV86yTqZ4&feature=youtu.be

The Society for Creative Aging ignites the excitement of creativity at every stage of life. We present plays workshops and events in the creative arts: writing, poetry, music, dance movement, theatre and visual arts. Engaging in a creative process is a wonderful way for older adults to draw from their life experiences, discover their latent talents, explore new interests and experience the joy of being creative.